After You Have Been Admitted

Next Steps

After you have received your official letter of admission from the Office of Graduate Studies, there are some important things you will need to review and complete to ensure you are able to enroll in your classes and start your program.
​Set up your UWGB account
In order to log into your email, Student Information System (SIS) and other UWGB accounts you will first need to set up your password. You can find more information about account set up as well as the portal to create your password by clicking here
​Complete Payment Agreement
Approximately two weeks before registration starts for every term, a hold will automatically be placed on all student accounts that will restrict them from registering until the Payment Agreement is reviewed and accepted by the student. At the same time the hold goes on, the Registrar's office will send out notifications to students with registration information, along with a reminder to review all holds on a student's SIS account.

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Will I need to complete a Payment Agreement every semester?

Yes. Once your Payment Agreement is completed, you will be able to register for classes.  The Payment Plan is available for the Fall and Spring terms only.  Any account not paid in full by the term due date will be assessed late fees of $7.00 per credit, up to a maximum of $84.00 and the remaining balance will automatically be placed into the Payment Plan.  The Payment Plan due date is 30 calendar days after the term due date, by 4:30 pm central on that date.  Finance charge of 1% per month will be assessed monthly on all unpaid balanced after the Payment Plan due date. For questions regarding your charges, please call the Bursar Student Billing Office at 920-465-2224, Room 1300 Student Services Building.

How do I register for courses?

Every semester has a different registration start date. To view the registration dates, please visit:
Registering For Classes step by step

**If you are in a collaborative program (Applied Biotechnology, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Health and Wellness Management or Sustainable Management), your success coach will contact you once you have received your UW-Green Bay admission letter to complete the honor code requirement with you. Afterwards, you will receive information on how to request your permission numbers and use them to enroll in courses via SIS. You will request permission numbers every semester to enroll in your collaborative program courses. For collaboratives, start dates for the semester are later than non-collaborative programs. Please review these dates here:

Where can I find the registration calendar for courses?
All information regarding when classes start, end and other important dates can be found on the Registrar's website here.
What if I add or drop a course after the drop date?

Any courses added or dropped after Week 2 will result in fee liabilities of 50% to 100% of fees (see Student Billing Resources page). Please use the Student On-line Information System to be sure you are registered for the correct classes and sections before this date. For questions regarding your payments, UWGB billing policies or procedures, call the Bursar Student Billing Office at 920-465-2224.

If you have classes on campus: 

Make sure you purchase a parking permit if you plan on parking on-campus.
Information for parking permits can be found here
In addition to your parking permit you will also want to get your student ID*
*students do not need to have an ID if they are enrolled in online programs or live out-of-state. 

Purchasing Textbooks

The Phoenix Bookstore is the official bookstore of UW-Green Bay. The bookstore offers all of the necessary textbooks and materials for UWGB courses. You may purchase textbooks in-person during their business hours or online at You are able to order your books through the website and have them shipped to you or you can pick them up in-store. NOTE: During the beginning of the semester the bookstore accepts UWGB students’ SIS account as payment for textbooks only.

For collaborative programs, textbooks can be found on the online collaborative website:

Contact Your Advisor
In your SIS account, there will be a box on the right-hand side indicating your advisor name and contact information. This person has been assigned to you based on your program. It is important that you reach out to your advisor prior to the start of classes or at least once during the semester to check in. Your advisor can answer any questions on courses, course transfers, course substitutions, program details and your path to graduation.
Access Your Student Email
In your admission letter from the Office of Graduate Studies, you will have received instructions on how to access your student email for the first time. If you are having any issues logging in, please contact the IT Service Desk at or 920-465-2309 to set up your account. The Office of Graduate Studies will use your UWGB email address as a primary contact. Please make sure you check your UWGB email frequently.
How do I decline Admission?
We completely understand that sometimes plans change for students. If you do need to cancel and decline your admission, you can do so by completing the online cancel form. You will need to provide your name, date of birth and last four digits of your Social Security number so that we may verify your identity. You may also decline your admission by contacting our Green Bay One Stop Shop (GBOSS) at or calling 920-465-2111.  When withdrawing from UW-Green Bay, please review the drop/add deadlines located on the Registration Calendar as certain fees may still apply​. You should contact the Registrar's office as soon as possible, Registrar's Office: 920-465-2111 or, if you have any questions on withdrawing or deadlines.

If you have a need related to a disability, please contact our Student Accessibility Services for assistance.