Housing Hub

Apply & Contract for Housing

Secure housing for a current or future term.
More information on applying for housing.

Campus Box Information

Lookup Campus Box and combination information.
More information on your campus box.

Cancel Request

You may submit a request to cancel a current or future application / contract. Note: Cancellation is not guaranteed - please see contract terms for eligibility information.
More information on a cancel request.

Damage Charge Appeal

You may use to appeal damage charges. Note: room condition reports, maintenance requests, and room inspection information are all considered before applying damage charges to a student account.
More information on damage charge appeal.


Use to check out of your accommodation. This is required and should be done when you are ready to leave.
More information on checking out.

Maintenance Request

You may submit a request for repair work. If you have an urgent issue requiring immediate attention, please call the front desk.
More information on maintenance requests.

PIN Change

You may change your personal identification number for your door lock at any time. Note: You need to get your card updated for the PIN change to take effect.
More information on PIN changes.

Room Assignment

View your current room/roommate assignment (after arrival).
More information on room assignments.


Roompact application (after arrival).
More information on Roompact.