Front Desk

Front desk worker helping student

The Community Center front desk is a general information desk that can assist you with any questions you may have. We also provide many services for our current residents and prospective students.  During the academic year, the Community Center front desk is open 24 hours a day, excluding break periods and holidays.

For assistance, contact the front desk by calling 920-465-2040, by email, or stop by the office which is located at 3350 Leon Bond Drive.  Need Directions?

Open 24 Hours

The Community Center/Housing and Residential Education office is open 24 hours a day to serve your needs. 

Locked Out or Need Help Getting Access to Your Room or Apartment?

Please stop by the Community Center front desk for assistance if you’re locked out of your room. After verifying your identity, the front desk can provide you access. There is a fee associated with this service after you use your 3 free unlock codes per academic year.

If you are unable to secure your room or apartment door, please stop by or contact the Community Center at 920-465-2040 immedidately. 

Setting/Changing the PIN on Your ID card

If you want or need to change the PIN on your ID card, you can do so online at anytime. However, you’ll need to stop by the front desk to have your card updated for the PIN change to take effect on your card.

Encoding a New ID card

When you obtain a new or replacement campus ID card, you’ll need to come to the Community Center. The front desk will need to encode it to give you access to your room.  Note:  If you do not have time to immediately replace a lost/stolen campus ID card, you may report it lost/stolen by using the online card office.

Assistance with Applying/Contracting

Do you have questions about applying/contracting for housing? We can walk you through how to contract for housing and explain what is involved in the process.

Assistance with Housing Hub Online Services

Would you like assistance with or need a computer for using our online services? We can walk you through how to use any of our Housing Hub services and address your questions or concerns.

Campus Box Information

If you’ve lost or cannot remember your campus box information, there are a couple ways to obtain it. You can sign in to view your campus box information; otherwise, please stop by the front desk or mailroom to receive your campus box number and combination from our staff.

Check-In upon Arrival/Room Change

Upon arrival to housing on your scheduled move-in (or room change) day, you need to officially check-in at the front desk (or assigned check-in station). Please bring your campus ID card to the front desk for your check-in so it may be encoded for your door access. 

General Information Resource

Staff at the front desk is available to answer a variety of questions and are usually able to direct you to the correct person or department if you’re unsure who to call.

Housing Questions

Our staff can answer questions you may have about your housing contract, our housing facilities or your mailing information.

Internet Kiosks

There are two internet kiosks in the Community Center available to you. You can check your email, search for information or get assistance with housing related services such as applying for housing or submitting a maintenance request. One kiosk is located in the lobby and the other is on the lower level at the base of the stairs.

Lost and Found

Items that are found on campus may be turned into the front desk. If you have lost something, please stop by to see if it has been turned in. You can also check at the University Ticketing and Information Center located in the Union.

Maintenance Emergencies

If something is wrong in your room or building that would be considered an emergency, you can call the front desk to have maintenance contacted immediately. Such situations include: water leaks, electrical concerns, or broken glass. For less urgent concerns, you can submit a maintenance request online.

Scheduling Appointments with Assistant Directors of Residential Education

Assistant Directors of Residential Educati​on are professional staff in charge of different areas of housing. Each building is assigned to an Assistant Director of Residential Education. They are available to meet with you between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can discuss roommate concerns, possible room changes, and other topics with them. Stop by or call the desk to schedule an appointment with your Assistant Director of Residential Education.