Telecommuting for UW-Green Bay Employees

The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay is committed to supporting telecommuting arrangements as much as possible when it is beneficial for both the employee and the institution.

As part of an evolving workforce management strategy, and reflective of both the labor marketplace and an interest in maximizing operational efficiency, UW Green Bay seeks to expand opportunities for flexible working arrangements for our employees. Telecommuting provides greater flexibility to employees in balancing work and personal obligations, allows for creative space allocation on the campuses, and may improve employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Applicable Policies

What is Telecommuting?

The UW System defines telecommuting as “An employment arrangement in which an employee performs their job functions from an approved alternate worksite other than the employee’s primary headquarters location (main office), one or more days per month on a standard and recurring basis.” 

Telecommuting is not an employee entitlement. Telecommuting agreements are approved on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the employee’s supervisor consistent with the student-focused mission of the university and the needs of the respective unit/department.

Telecommuting Options

Intermittent Telecommuting: An unplanned period of telecommuting arising out of transient and specific circumstances (e.g. illness, weather emergency, temporary school closure, etc.) lasting no longer than ten business days. Intermittent Telecommuting is permitted for an eligible employee without a formal written agreement upon the mutual consent of the employee and their supervisor.

Continuous Telecommuting: An arrangement for continuous part-time or full-time telecommuting lasting at least two weeks in length and subject to at least an annual review. Continuous Telecommuting arrangements must utilize the Telecommuting Agreement and the agreement must be approved by the supervisor.

Telecommuting Request and Approval Process 

Any non-instructional employee that wants to request the ability to telecommute on a continuous basis is required to follow the process outlined below, even if they had a previous agreement on file using the old forms. In addition, if changes are needed to an existing agreement (including date extension, revised remote schedule, new position, etc.), a new telecommuting agreement must be submitted using the process below.

1. Discuss your interest with your supervisor or department chair. This discussion is an important first step in understanding if the ability to telecommute exists based on the position you hold. This also allows for both the employee and their supervisor or department chair to understand what the mutual needs and expectations are. 

2. Complete the request form via the My UW System portal. Please review this tipsheet on how to complete the new form.

3. Supervisor approves the request. Please review this tipsheet on how to approve a request using the new form

4. After the telecommuting request is approved, complete the Telecommuting Asset Checkout Form for supervisor review and approval.