Performance Management

Annual performance evaluations are a key component to employee performance and development. The objectives of annual performance evaluations are to provide employees and their supervisors an opportunity to discuss job performance, set goals, establish objectives for contributing to the department's mission, and discuss expectations and accomplishments. All wage adjustments are based upon satisfactory performance.  See the Managing and Evaluating Employee Performance presentation for additional information and resources when conducting annual perfomance evaluations.

University Staff, Non-Instructional Academic Staff and Limited

University Staff, Non-Instructional Academic Staff and Limited employees are evaluated on a calendar-year basis, with processes beginning mid-January for the prior calendar year.  Evaluations should be completed and submitted to Human Resources by the 4th Friday of March each year. 

Per SYS 1250: Job Security, University Staff newly hired to a position will be required to serve a probationary period at least 6 months in duration.  Two performance evaluations will be conducted during the employee’s probationary period to provide a structured opportunity to discuss performance.

New Non-Instructional Academic Staff and Limited employees should have a performance evaluation completed at the 6-month mark in order to provide a structured opportunity to discuss performance.

*For the 2023 year, all Non-Instructional Academic Staff and Limited Employees (contingent upon agreement between the employee and supervisor) may elect to utilize the Non-Instructional Performance Evaluation Form or the Non-Exempt Evaluation Narrative Form.

NEW 2023 Performance Evaluation for Non-Instructional Staff Training and Resources

Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff 

Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff review procedures are performed in line with the Faculty Handbook. Tenured faculty shall receive a review at least once every five years, while non-tenured faculty will be reviewed annually. 



Student employees should be evaluated on a semester or academic-year basis. Evaluations should be kept in the student’s file in the department.