The University’s goal is to attract and retain excellent employees while ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.  All titling and compensation decisions must be reviewed by Human Resources to ensure the University is internally equitable and externally competitive.

Please contact Human Resources for assistance with titling of new positions, career progressions, title changes, compensation and other related questions.

Position & Budget Control Processes

In order to ensure the equitable, responsible, and strategic allocation of campus resources, position and budget control processes have been designed by institutional leadership. Position and compensation issues that deal with temporary funds and/or are not subject to further review related to compliance, equity across areas, or new resources may be approved by each Vice Chancellor (VC) or Chancellor (C) for their areas. This approval remains contingent upon Chancellor approval required for certain actions per policy as well as any request for discussion by the full VC/C group at their biweekly meeting. All personnel decisions and expenditures must still pass an HR/AA/EEO and Budget Office review. For more information about position & budget control processes, please see here.


Compensation is determined in line with SYS 1277: Compensation that presents the laws, rules, policies and practices pertaining to setting and adjusting salaries for all UW System employees.  Implementation of pay plan is outlined in SYS 1278: UW System Pay Plan Distribution Framework for University Workforce. Please see below for additional compensation-related resources: Base Rate Adjustments
A base rate adjustment may be temporary or ongoing and may be appropriate in situations of retention, equity, or meritorious performance. All requests must be submitted by the Dean/Division Head for review by the Position Review Committee and the Chancellor.

Base Rate Adjustment Request