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Required Online Training

In order to fulfill our mission and comply with federal, state, and UW System requirements, all employees are required to complete the following online compliance and education programs.  As part of the Compensation and Pay Plan Policy, in order to be eligible for the Board of Regents' approved pay plan or other pay adjustments, employees must have completed all required campus compliance trainings.  New employees are required to complete all training within 30 days of their start date.

You will receive an email from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a subject of “University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Required Training” for all trainings, except for Clery CSA, which requires you to access the survey from the Office of Public Safety website.  To access the online training, select the link in the body of the email. This training is self-paced and involves a mixture of content, including reading, watching, and participating in interactive videos. You may come and go as you please until course completion.

Please contact Human Resources with any questions and/or to request a reasonable accommodation.

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

UW-Green Bay is committed to maintaining a campus community that ensures all members can work and learn together in a place that is free of discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence.  This training is designed to prevent behaviors and provide you skills to identify and prevent, guide conduct, and educate on these important topics.

Protect Children (EDU-WI)

Executive Order #54 (relating to the supplemental mandatory reporting requirements of child abuse and neglect) provides that all University of Wisconsin System employees are mandatory reporters and must be able to identify and report suspected child abuse and neglect. Please refer to UW-Green Bay’s Policy on the Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect for more information.  This training will assist you in recognizing the signs of abuse and predatory behavior and learn how to report reasonable suspicions in compliance with the executive order.

Checkpoint:  Data Security & Privacy (EDU)

University employees have access to medium and high-risk data for themselves, as well as others. Maintaining the security of that data from the continuous attack by hackers is a constant threat facing our employees. Information Security Awareness training will provide employees with best practices on their role in protecting the University’s systems and data, along with information on how to recognize the methods employed by hackers. The training will also provide information related to the UW-System information technology acceptable use policies.

Injury and Illness Prevention (EDU)

Everyone has a stake in maintaining a safe workplace.  This course helps colleges and universities promote a safe workplace, prevent injuries and illnesses, and reduce accidents by giving all employees the agency to think and to prepare.

Touchstone:  Tools for an Ethical Workplace

As a part of the campus community, employees have a stake in maintaining an ethical workplace culture.  This course will discuss a basic foundation for ethical action in the modern workplace and give you the tools to act on ethical decisions, even if you are under pressure to do the opposite.

FERPA Basics

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) has two objectives:  1) protect the privacy of education records, and 2) ensure students have a right to review and request amendments to their education records.  FERPA applies to all colleges and universities that receive federal funds and establishes rules to limit access to students' personally identifiable information and how it may be used.  This course will help you gain a better understanding of the issues to consider when handling or disclosing education records and the FERPA rules that apply in situations you may face in the course of your work.

Clery CSA

(for those designated as a Campus Security Authority
This training is intended to help you understand the federal requirements relating to reporting crimes on University campuses and should take about 30 minutes to complete. After reviewing the materials, click "Please continue to the test," and answer each test question with the most correct answer. You will need to achieve 100% to complete the training, and you can take the test more than once. After you achieve 100% on the test, an email of "CSA Training Completion" will be emailed to you and to the Department of Public Safety.