Employee Assistance Program

Providing a Connection

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is confidential, workplace-based Employee Assistance Program.  The program is designed to assist in the prevention, early identification, and resolution of personal issues which may affect both an employee’s sense of well-being and their ability to effectively carry out their work responsibilities.  Examples of issues that the EAP might be helpful with are health, marital, family, financial, alcohol and drug, emotion, stress, and other personal concerns.

Program Description

EAP services are provided through the Counseling and Health Center by licensed mental health care professionals.  Services provided are:
  • Confidential support and short-term consultation and referral.
  • Referrals for assessment, diagnosis treatment and other assistance.
  • Consultation and training to staff, supervisors and other personnel in the identification and resolution of work performance issues.
  • Prevention and wellness education for employees.


Employees and/or family members may consult with the EAP by contacting the Counseling and Health Center, SS1400, 920-465-2380.   Consultation can be in person or over the telephone. If employees want to consult with EAP during work time, they will be allowed a reasonable amount of time without loss of pay for such assistance.  However, they must arrange with their supervisor for time away from their workstation in accordance with the operating procedures that have been established for their work units.  Employees are not required to use sick leave, vacation, or holiday time to cover the contact with the EAP.  Employees may elect to contact the EAP during break times and lunch periods, as operating procedures permit.

Employees and Supervisors may contact the EAP as a resource in resolving workplace performance and/or other issues.


There is no cost to the employee for the use of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s EAP services.  The employee and/or the employee’s health insurance coverage may cover fees charged by community resources.


Employee contacts and information acquired by the EAP shall be confidential within limits governed by Federal and State regulations and University policy.

Counseling and Health Center, SS1400, 920-465-2380