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UW-Green Bay Campus Transcripts Pricing

Official Transcripts Transcript Fee including USPS Delivery
Official Transcript - Delivered to recipient via USPS $10.00 Per Transcript
Official Transcript - Hold for Pickup (Same Day Pickup orders must be made by 4:00 pm) $15.00 Per Transcript
PDF FILE to Third-Party Recipient Transcript Fee including PDF File Delivery
Depending on your transcript's destination, PDF File delivery may be an option.
The PDF delivery charge is applied only when sending a PDF File to a Third-Party
recipient that is not associated with a College or University. There is no charge to
send PDF File Transcripts to Colleges and Universities that accept them, in this
instance you pay only the $10.00 transcript fee.

*Note* --  If you have Pre-1978 transcripts on file, the PDF option is not available to you.
$10.75 Per PDF File Transcript
FedEx Delivery Transcript Fee including FedEx Delivery for one transcript**
Domestic FedEx to main 48 states. $33.00 **
Domestic Federal Express to Alaska or Hawaii $40.00 **
International Federal Express (required for all recipients not within the Continental USA, Alaska, or Hawaii) $63.00 **
**You may send up to 5 transcripts to the same recipient in one FedEx order; You will pay the $10.00 fee for each transcript in the order, but only one FedEx Fee. If you are sending more than 5 transcripts to the same recipient you will need to place a new order.