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Digital Signage

Your Event on The Big Screen

All eyes are on your event with our digital capabilities.

Step into the digital spotlight! Our eye-catching digital signage network places your next event in the heart (and awareness) of the Phoenix flock. We keep it snappy, striking and unforgettable – perfect for making your message resonate across the campus.

Submit Digital Signage

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Specifications & Guidelines

Artwork and marquee submissions must meet proper specifications and follow the University's advertising guidelines.

Artwork Specifications

Dimensions(pixels)1920x1080 pixels (16:9)
Color SpaceRGB
File TypeJPG or PNG


Submit a completed design: 1 week prior to event date
Maximum display time: 2 weeks prior to event date

Submit Your Design

Once you've double checked that your image meets artwork specifications and guidelines, send it on over to us.

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Marquee Signage

The Office of Marketing and University Communication (M/UC) is responsible for strategic oversight and content management of information on each of the campus exterior sign marquees. The campus marquee signage on the Green Bay campus is reserved for academic programs only.

Green Bay Marquee Signs

CategoryEntrance SignsHWY 57 Sign
Dimensions (pixels)210 x 120300 x 180
Minimum font size12 pixels (at 100%)12 pixels (at 100%)
Text1-5 words1-5 words
Color SpaceRGB
File formatJPG

Sheboygan Marquee Signs

CategoryLarge SignParking Lot Sign
Dimensions (pixels)648 x 360288 x 180
Minimum font size12 pixels (at 100%)12 pixels (at 100%)
Text1-5 words1-5 words
Color SpaceRGB
File formatJPG


The purpose of these guidelines is to help UW-Green Bay faculty, staff, and student organizations create informative and meaningful digital signage content. The digital signage system displays advertisements created by recognized UW-Green Bay student organizations, student affairs, departments and administrative offices.

  • Advertisements on the Green Bay campus are only shown for seven (7) seconds at a time and should not include an overwhelming amount of words.
  • Advertisements are shown for two weeks maximum. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of management.
  • QR codes should not be included on digital signage images. Instead, consider adding a short web URL or social media handle to direct audiences for more information about the event or activity. Rare exceptions may include a QR code for sign ups.
  • Advertisements must be for activities or events open to the campus community and focused towards students.
  • Any advertisements that may go against the educational mission of the University (i.e. racist, degrading, and/or potentially offensive) are not allowed.
  • Advertising of alcohol or controlled substances is not allowed.
  • The name of the sponsoring University organization, department, or business must appear on the advertisement.
  • All advertisements should contain the date, time, and location of the event, and any other descriptive information.
  • Editing fees may apply. If this is the case, you will be contacted before the department is charged.
  • If submission is uploaded less than three days from event, there is no guarantee that your advertisement will be run.
Frankie Moesch

Reach Out

For digital signage support on all campuses, email Frankie, our Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist.

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