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Financial Aid Award Estimate Net Price Calculator 2018-19

The University of Wisconsin Green Bay provides this Net Price Calculator as a tool for early financial planning for college. The calculator is an approximation of federal and state aid eligibility for undergraduate students that plan to attend UW Green Bay. This is for your information only and it is NOT an application for financial aid.

Many factors are considered when awarding financial aid to students including, but not limited to: deadlines, federal and state funding levels, and family financial circumstances. This calculator provides an estimate and it may not incorporate all possible awarding considerations. For example, scholarships that a student receives are not factored into this calculation but could impact the cost of education.

First Step: Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

A key component to determining aid is the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Each year that you wish to be considered for financial aid, students/families will complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). That form, once processed by the federal government, will calculate what they feel the family can pay toward college education for the year. The following link will provide a preliminary estimate of what that EFC might be. Again, it is an estimate and will vary based on the federal formula and the accuracy of the data you provide.

Hints for using the College Board site:

  1. Use the Next button to navigate through the EFC calculation.
  2. Choose Federal Methodology as the Formula.
  3. Have basic income and asset information on hand before you begin.
  4. Although you can save your data by creating a account, no information is submitted to UWGB or the Department of Education.

Second Step: Estimation Process

Now that you have your EFC value, please enter the value below, and verify the remaining information.

Important Points

  1. This is an ESTIMATE and not your actual Financial Aid Award
  2. Do not use EFC of 0 (zero) unless the above calculator states you should use 0 (zero)
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