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Charitable Drive & Collection

The following policy has been established for the approval and placing of collection containers in academic buildings. An organization or academic or administrative unit must have approval by University Union Reservations at 2200 ext 18, before placement of collection containers.

  1. Specifications:
    1. Collection containers are defined as barrels and boxes. Containers must meet ADA standards.
    2. Reserved in designated areas for up to two weeks. Exceptions will need Public Safety approval.
    3. Organization or academic or administrative unit sponsoring the drive required to provide the collection container(s).
    4. If the container is not in place on the first date of the reservation, space may be reserved by a different organization.
    5. Registered student organizations and/or other UW-Green Bay academic or administrative units (now referred to as organization) may hold drives, consistent with the organization's or university mission, in academic buildings.
    6. Organization is responsible for taking care of the collection containers.
    7. Organization will either empty the containers; at night before the buildings close, when they are full, or at the discretion of the organization.
    8. Organization is also responsible for the removal of the container after the drive.
    9. A legible label should be on the side of the collection container stating the sponsor.
    10. Name and number of a member of the organization who can be contacted if there are any problems or concerns.
    11. Only one collection container at each site at any given time, with a maximum of five two sites per drive per organization.
  2. The university will not be held responsible for stolen, damaged, and/or lost property. University staff will be allowed to move containers for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Public Safety staff reserve the right to move collection containers if they are in violation of any policies or ADA standards.
  3. Organizations may be granted exceptions to this policy by submitting a written petition to the Office of Public Safety a minimum of one week prior to desired drive date(s).

Approved areas for reserved collection container placement:

  • Cofrin Library - Concourse Level 1 - alcove next to bench around the corner from the water cooler.
  • Cofrin Library - Plaza Level 2 - on bench across from CL 206.
  • Environmental Sciences - in hall across from payphone.
  • Instructional Services - west side of hall just long hall leading to Cofrin Library.
  • Laboratory Sciences - vending area across the room from the vending machines.
  • Rose Hall - in hallway on blue carpeted area between the gold and red carpeted areas.
  • Student Services - next to corner across from 1300B, and booth space.
  • Studio Arts - vending area next to hall leading to 157, on the same side as 157.
  • Theatre Hall - in corner to the left of the stairwell door next room 171.
  • Wood Hall - in vending area next to pop machine and door to 105B.