Studying Abroad

Semester/Academic Year Length

Study Abroad programs are typically a semester or academic year in length and require students to be enrolled full time in the program. Financial aid is available for students participating in approved study abroad programs. However, you should be aware that your aid eligibility does not necessarily increase as your costs increase. You will want to meet with a Financial Aid Adviser BEFORE signing up for any study abroad program, so that you are informed of your funding options before signing any contracts. If the program you are interested in is through a different university, you will need to have the visiting school complete a Consortium Agreement, which will confirm your enrollment and costs associated with the semester/academic year.

Please note that financial aid for your study abroad semester will be available to you the first week of UW-Green Bay's classes, not when you begin your study abroad travel. If your program begins before then, you will want to plan accordingly and make arrangements for payment with the visiting school.

Travel Courses (Varying Lengths)

Travel courses are for a shorter length of time and for fewer credits than semester-length abroad experiences. Your financial aid eligibility for a travel course will depend upon:

  • Your other enrollment for the term (i.e. Are you only enrolled in the travel course or are you enrolled in other courses as well?)
  • Have you already used all of your aid eligibility for the term?

It will be important for you to stop in to see a Financial Aid Adviser if you are considering a travel course, as we can provide you with options for funding before you apply or sign a commitment.