Elements of SAP

Federal regulations require the University of Wisconsin Green Bay Financial Aid Office to establish, publish and apply Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards consistently to all students (34CFR 668.34.)  The purpose of these standards is to ensure that financial aid recipients are adequately progressing toward their degree. SAP is evaluated after every term (summer, January, fall or spring) you were in attendance and regardless of whether or not any financial aid was received.

Your SAP status does not affect your ability to enroll in courses, but it can affect your ability to receive aid to help cover course expenses. These standards are distinct and should not be confused with other academic standards set by the University.  Please note that only degree-seeking students are eligible for financial aid.

If you apply for aid in any term and your academic history does not meet the defined standards found on the Undergraduate SAP or Graduate SAP pages, you will be considered ineligible and denied Title IV federal and state financial aid (grants, work study, federal loans).  University and/or private scholarships may also be affected.  If you have lost eligibility, navigate to Regaining Aid Eligibility for information about your options.  After understanding the Helpful Terms below, please find important information specific to your status by going to either the Undergraduate SAP or Graduate SAP here, or from the menu on the left of this page.

Helpful Terms

  • Attempted credits: Attempted credits include those successfully completed, as well as transfer, test, remedial and repeated credits, failed or incomplete grades, drops as well as any withdrawals on your academic transcript. Attempted credits also include those taken as Pass/No Credit. All attempted credits count toward the measurement of Attempted Credit Maximum (or maximum timeframe).
  • Alert status: You are currently meeting SAP standards. However, you should be aware that you may be close to your limit in one or more categories that are being measured. An alert status at the end of a term would result in an email notice. No action is needed on your part (other than to resolve any academic issues you may be facing).
  • Warning status: You are NOT meeting one or more of the measurements of SAP. However, you are allowed ONE additional term of financial aid to meet ALL SAP standards. If you do not meet all of the standards after that term, you will lose aid eligibility. If you are an aid recipient, a warning status will result in an email notice to your campus email address and a letter will be sent to your permanent address. No action is needed on your part (other than to resolve any academic issues you may be facing).
  • Ineligible status: You are no longer eligible for financial aid because you have exceeded the cumulative attempted credit limit and/or you have not met SAP for two consecutive terms. You will remain ineligible until 1) you successfully appeal for reinstatement of aid or 2) you regain eligibility by meeting all standards and notifying the Financial Aid Office. If you are an aid recipient and determined to be ineligible, an email notice will be sent to your campus email address and a letter will be sent to your permanent address (as listed in the Student Information System – SIS).

If you wish to appeal your ineligible status, an Appeal for Reinstatement of Aid Form along with appropriate documentation must be submitted to the UW Green Bay Financial Aid Office.

  • Appeal: A request for reinstatement of aid eligibility after a student has been deemed ineligible based on not meeting the SAP standards. Students must submit an Appeal for Reinstatement of Aid Form and supporting documentation to the UW Green Bay Financial Aid office (see Regaining Eligibility for more information).
  • Probation: You are ineligible for aid, BUT you have successfully appealed for reinstatement of aid for that one term. You will receive aid for one probationary semester. After that term, you MUST be meeting ALL standards or will once again become ineligible.