Regaining Aid Eligibility

Loss of aid eligibility does not prevent you from enrolling in courses, but it does affect your ability to receive financial aid to help cover the expenses. If you have lost eligibility due to not meeting SAP standards, you may be able to regain it by attempting credits on your own (without aid) until you meet all SAP standards. At that time, please contact the Financial Aid Office. You may also regain eligibility with a successful appeal.


If you feel you have extenuating circumstances that have prevented you from meeting the SAP standards, you have the option to appeal. For consideration, students must complete an Appeal for Reinstatement of Aid form. You may complete the form and submit it using your UW-Green Bay email account, or you can print, sign and submit the form to the Financial Aid Office.

You will be asked for reasons for failing to meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards and what circumstances have changed to allow you to regain and maintain eligibility after one term. Some examples of reasons for appeal may include health related issues, death of an immediate family member, etc. Documentation related to your situation will be necessary and should be submitted with the appeal form. An appeal that lacks adequate documentation may result in denial. Appeals will be reviewed by committee. Students are notified of the committee's decision via campus email. The committee's decision is final.

If your appeal is granted, you will receive one semester/term of probationary financial aid. After that term, you are expected to be meeting all SAP standards or you will remain ineligible.

If your appeal is denied, you will be responsible for self-funding your educational cost. That may include using a University offered payment plan, personal resources or other funding sources you are able to locate.