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Electronic Refunds

Sign up for Electronic Refunds NOW!

No reason to stand in line waiting to pick-up your refund check! To have all refunds sent directly to your checking or savings account, click on "Make a Payment or Manage Refunds" link from your home page of your SIS account. For complete instructions, see the steps below.

Remove Pop-Up Blocker

When signing up for Electronic Refunds, you may want to check if your pop-up blocker is on. You may need to temporarily disable it for the electronic deposit sign-up page to appear. **Remember to replace your pop-up blocker after you have completed making your online electronic payment.

How Does It Work?

Once you have signed up for Electronic Refunds, you will receive an email notification to your UW-Green Bay email account every time a refund is sent to your bank account.

Once you have enrolled in Electronic Refunds this will be in effect the entire time you are a student at UW-Green Bay or until you "un-enroll" from electronic refunding.  **NOTE: If your banking information changes, you will need to update your account information on the Electronic Refund page. If we are notified by our bank that your account information is incorrect, this could result in a two week delay of receiving your refund as a paper check.

Other Options

If you do not wish to set-up electronic deposit, a paper check will print and available one week after date refund was process on your SIS account.  Paper checks are to be picked up by students at the Cashiering window in the Bursar's office. Student MUST present photo ID when picking up paper refund check.  Paper checks not picked up within 21 days of the check date will be mailed to the home address on file in SIS.

How to Set Up Electronic Refunds

*NOTE: You may need to turn your Pop-Up Blocker off


Enroll in E-Refunding:
  1. SIS Home Page: Under the Finances section click on the "Make a Payment or Manage Refunds" link.

  2. Link will bring student to our online payment vendor screen Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS).  On this screen click "Manage Refunds" button under the 'Refunds' box.


  3. Nelnet requires an additional confirmation step for students Enrolling for the first time in electronic refunding or Changing their existing refund method.

    The confirmation step generates a text or email message to the student with a unique authorization code. Student must enter this code before completing enrollment or changing their refund method.

    “Manage Mobile Alerts” screen will pop up where you can sign up to have the unique authorization number sent to your personal phone as a text.

    • Confirm Your Identity By Text -> Check this box if you want auth code texted to you
    • 10 Digit Phone Number -> Enter in the 10-digit phone number to receive text
    • Save -> Click to save
  4. On next screen click the "Bank Account (Direct Deposit)" button.  Complete all banking information boxes.


  5. Click Save to complete enrollment and save banking information.


"Edit" Refunding Banking Information or "Un-Enroll" from Electronic Refunding

  • To 'edit' your banking information or to "un-enroll" in electronic refunding click the "Make a Payment or Manage Refunds" link in the Finance section of your home page on SIS account.

  • Link will bring student to our online payment vendor screen NBS.  On this screen click "Manage Refunds" button under the 'Refunds' box.

  • To change the phone number used to receive mobile alert notifications with the unique confirmation code authorization, click on the telephone symbol​.  
  • Click "Edit Refund Method" to make changes on your existing refund banking information.
  • Click "Remove Refund Method" to un-enroll from electronic refunds.  If you un-enroll from e-refunding, future refunds will be on a paper check.

You will receive an email to your UW-Green Bay email account when an Electronic Refund has been processed. The funds should be in your bank account two (2) business days from receiving that email.

Your Electronic Refunding will be in place until you cancel it. Be sure to change your banking information if you change banks or switch accounts.