General Payment & Refund Information

The Bursar's and Student Billing Office serve different functions, but are housed within the same area (Student Services, SS1300).

BURSAR - handles all payments and tuition billing for the term. If you are looking to pay your balance in person, pick up a refund check or pay for parking, this is the place you will go. Review semester tuition due dates, fees and any other charges.

STUDENT BILLING - This office helps students in making arrangements for payment of tuition and fees. If any of your financial aid will be late or delayed (including scholarships, loans or other outside aid), you will want to stop in the Student Billing Office to explore your options.

Students must complete the Payment Agreement before registering for each semester.

Refund Information

Financial aid is disbursed regularly throughout each term. Financial aid funds will be applied to your tuition, fees, housing and other charges on your account first. If your financial aid amount exceeds your balance due, a refund will be generated two days after disbursement. Recently dropped credits and/or the existence of waitlisted courses may prevent students from receiving their refunds within this timeframe.

Any financial aid remaining will be disbursed to the student according to the refund process of the Bursar's Office.