Title Changes

Academic Staff, University Staff and Limited Employees

Academic, University Staff and Limited position titles are grouped into job classifications to provide comparability of substantially similar positions across institutions and campus units. UW-Green Bay policies allow for the ongoing review of formal title assignments with position descriptions that are accurate and current.

Title Changes

Title Changes include those position changes that involve a major change in job responsibilities and are also known as job reclassification. The position must have evolved over time and changes must be related to, or an extension of, the functions initially assigned to the position. A title change may not result in a vacancy. A change in job duties which results in the creation of a vacant position must be processed through the procedures outlined in the Recruitment and Hiring Policy.

The timeline for formal title changes due as a result of a change in duties may take effect at appropriate times throughout the fiscal year. However, to the extent possible, should coincide with the annual budget process for submission in the fall of each year. Title changes as a result of a change in duties will take affect the first payroll following receipt of complete materials in the Human Resources Office. Retroactive salary adjustments are prohibited.

Resources: To Request a Title Change, employees must submit a Title Review Request with supporting documentation. 

Position Description Template

Faculty & Instructional Academic Staff

For questions about preparing for promotions, please see the Secretary of the Faculty and Staff website.  

Resources:  Instructional Academic Staff Title Review Request