Severe Weather Policy

The Sheboygan Campus rarely cancels classes for winter weather. Like other employers and area agencies serving adults, we generally stay open in the midst of stormy weather, even when children’s schools close. We will cancel classes for the whole campus only if weather and road conditions are bad enough to make driving unsafe in many of the communities we serve, or if the campus itself is inaccessible. In those cases, we will use the following methods to announce class cancellations:

Class Cancellation Notification Process

  • The Campus CEO will send an eAlert by text messaging cell phone numbers entered into PRISM.  If you have not yet entered your cell number in PRISM, do so at UWGB Alert to receive this or any campus alert via text message. 
  • The Campus CEO will also send an email to all cam UWGB Alert pus personnel and students as well as the Sheboygan Campus Weather Cancellations list (which includes DE personnel). 
  • The cancellation will be posted on the Sheboygan Campus Facebook page and website
  • Radio and television stations will be notified to post the cancellation (see lists below).  Keep in mind, however, that sometimes there is a lag between our notifying them and their getting those messages posted.

Media Notification List

All begin broadcasting cancellations around 5:30/6:00 am for a full day cancellation.

WIXX-FM 101.1 (Green Bay)
WTAQ AM 1360 (Green Bay)
WNFL AM 1440 (Green Bay)
WGEE FM 93.5 (Green Bay)
WBFM FM 93.7 (Sheboygan)
WHBL FM 101.5 and AM 1330 (Sheboygan)
WHBZ FM 106.5 (Sheboygan)
WXER FM 104.5 and FM 96.1 (Sheboygan)
WBAY-TV (channel 2) Green Bay
WFRV-TV (channel 5) Green Bay
WGBA-TV (channel 26) Green Bay
WTMJ-TV (channel 4) Milwaukee
FOX – TV (channel 6) Milwaukee
WISN- TV (channel 12) Milwaukee
CBS – TV (chanel 58) Milwaukee

Important Information for All Employees

Please note that even when classes are cancelled, that does not mean the campus is closed for employees. This is important to note because many radio and television stations inaccurately report cancellations as “closures.”  Campus can close the campus to the public, but campus closure to employees requires Chancellor approval because it has complicated employment consequences. Of course, like Sheboygan Campus students, you will need to exercise sound judgment about the safety of your own driving route. Just be aware that any faculty/staff member who is unable to make it to campus for scheduled work should expect to use vacation or personal holidays. University/Academic Staff also need their supervisor’s approval. In the rare case of a snow day for everyone (campus closure), UWS policy requires that arrangements are made to make up the work or take vacation leave.

If classes are not cancelled, but a storm nonetheless prevents you from getting to campus to teach a course, you should e-mail your students as well as SHB-Class Cancel immediately so that a cancellation notice can be placed on campus. 

Making up work missed due to cancellation

Faculty members are responsible for adjusting their course schedules to facilitate the making-up of course work missed due to campus class cancellation and for communicating those changes to their students. Further, they are encouraged to make allowances for those students whose personal driving route to campus is too hazardous for their safe travel due to weather. While faculty members have the authority to decide how missed classes should be handled, they are encouraged to assure students that individual absences for such safety reasons will be excused and make-up work will be permitted.