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Volunteer Information

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay encourages its employees to take advantage of volunteer opportunities towards professional development.

Volunteerism: the policy or practice of volunteering one's time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one's community

Although the University encourages its staff members to volunteer, it is at the employees own discretion and on their own time.

*If you know of any upcoming volunteer opportunities on campus and would like them to be listed in the HR Connect blog please contact Human Resources.

UW-Green Bay Volunteer Opportunities

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay hosts volunteers across campus for various campus specific events, as well as department specific needs.

Volunteers should complete and submit a Volunteer Agreement and submit to Human Resources. If you are volunteering in a position of trust, a background check will be required. Please be sure to complete and submit this form prior to starting.

Community Volunteer Opportunities

Each month, we post a Volunteer Opportunity of the Month. We hope that you consider spending some time with these great organizations. Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities blog page for all of our recent Volunteer Opportunities.

Other Community Volunteer Opportunities

The Volunteer Center of Brown County
A local non-profit organization whose vision is "Building a Stronger Community through Volunteerism." The organization serves over 200 community organizations and local schools in the Green Bay area.

Offers employee web-based volunteer tools that help manage, track and expand volunteer programs with a network of volunteering.

7 Reasons to Volunteer

  1. Develop new skills - Gaining skills, knowledge and expertise are common side effects of volunteering. Giving others your time brings you interesting and challenging opportunities that might not come along otherwise. This experience can be added to your resume.
  2. Make social connections - Loneliness and boredom are common among retirees, students, and transplants to a new city. Volunteering can relieve this sense of social isolation and help you fill empty hours in the day.
  3. Give back to your community - Doing something for the community you live in and returning the favor to those who have helped you are strong motivators. Everyone, rich or poor, takes from society, and volunteering is one way to show a sense of appreciation.
  4. Develop and grow as a person  - Volunteering is an excellent way to explore your likes and dislikes. If you're interested in a new career, volunteer in the field first to see if you will actually like it. You may find a totally unrelated field is a much better fit for you, one you'd never consider if you hadn't volunteered there first.
  5. Gain a new perspective - Life can be hard and when you're feeling down, your problems can seem insurmountable. Volunteering can offer a new perspective, seeing people who are worse off than you are, yet still hanging in there, can help you see your life in a whole new light.
  6. Know that you're needed  - Feeling needed and appreciated are important, and you may not get that appreciation from your paid work or home life where the things you do are expected or taken for granted. When you volunteer, you realize just how much you are truly needed. Meeting people who need your help is a strong incentive to continue, people are depending on you.
  7. Boost your self-esteem - Many volunteers experience a sense of increased self-esteem and greater self-worth. Helping others makes you feel good about yourself, because you're doing something for someone that they couldn't do for themselves.

(Source: Improve Your Health and the World around You by Leanne Beattie)