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Ruth Weeks

Ruth Weeks Program Assistant, Office of the Registrar 2013

Ruth Jean Weeks died Aug. 28 in Green Bay, Wis., from causes incident to an awakened soul.

She was born Oct. 15, 1951 in Cheyenne, Wyo., to Frederick Bayne and Helen McFarlane Weeks. They moved to St. Anthony in 1952 were he taught and and later became principal of the school at the Youth Services Center.

Ruth attended Central Elementary School and graduated from South Fremont High School in 1969.She attended Idaho State University and waitressed in area restaurants before moving in 1972 to Menominee, Mich., her parents' hometown.

She worked at a hospital in Menominee and then joined Roman Catholic Community Services where she worked for several years. She married Jon Pocan in 1981. They later divorced.

She moved to Green Bay where she worked for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and later at the Registrar's Office at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. She also waitressed part-time for a few years at Brett Favre's restaurant. She retired in 2013 and enjoyed the company of good friends near her and on Facebook and cared for her three cats, Maggie, Alex and Molly. She occasionally visited the West and talked about moving back.

She was diagnosed with cancer in April. It was an advanced stage and ultimately proved stronger than her treatments. Throughout her illness, the loving kindness of her friends and neighbors led her to recognize anew how bound we all are by filaments of love.

She is survived by a brother, Russell, of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Special thanks to the South Fremont High School Class of 1969. She treasured the card you sent. Thanks also to David Clark, who was with her on her last days, and Bonnie Woodbury and Lisa Perket, Michigan sisters true.

Good-bye, Ruth. Who could hang their name on you when you changed with every new day? Still, I'm gonna miss you.

(Reprinted with permission from Scott Anderson, Publisher, Rexburg Standard Journal.)

Death of former employee Ruth Weeks

(Published September 10, 2014, Log newsletter, UW-Green Bay)

Word has been received that Ruth Weeks, a former employee of the Registrar’s Office, died Aug. 28 in Green Bay at the age of 62. She retired in December 2012 but remained in contact with several of her friends and colleagues through her diagnosis with advanced cancer this past spring. A native of Cheyenne, Wyo., she moved to Menominee, Mich., after college and held various jobs before joining the Registrar’s staff in 2000 as a program assistant who was often a first point of contact for students back in the days “when they still had service counters with windows.” She is survived by a brother, friends, a love of cats and an obituary that suggests the nickname Ruthie Tuesday with the final words “Who could hang their name on you?... when you changed with every new day… still, I'm gonna miss you.”