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Freshmen Tips

Welcome to UW-Green Bay, and thank you for your interest in sustainability. Whether you are planning your move, or you already arrived on campus, there are a lot of ways to go green. Find out more below.

Take back the tap

Bring a reusable bottle from home, or get one at The Phoenix Bookstore. No more dragging bottled water from the grocery store. Hydrate for free – in housing and on campus!

Hug a tree...

…or go for a run: With the gigantic size of 219 football fields, the Cofrin Arboretum (Map) is the perfect place for a break from studying.

Take a ride

  • UWGB-students can use all Green Bay Metro buses for free. Your Student-ID is the ticket. Buses leave at the Cofrin Library, and at the housing stop. Click here for Green Bay Metro Schedule and Routes, (#7 Lime Line ).
  • Want to get further away? Check out connections with Greyhound from downtown Green Bay (Cedar Street), or ride from campus to campus with Lamer’s Campus Connect (bus stop at Studio Arts/North Circle Drive).

Recycle to the left, landfill to the right

Every building on campus and in housing offers waste bins for recycling plastic, aluminum and paper, as well as for unrecyclable items heading for the landfill. Don’t landfill your recyclables!

Beware of vampires

Chargers, printers, and laptops are all consuming energy – even when you’re not using them. A power strip with an on/off-switch helps you save energy, with just one flip of the switch. If you are interested in finding out how just how much vampire energy your devices are consuming, stop into EMBI to check out a Kill A Watt Meter.  

Get involved

Talk to your RA, or visit the Sustainability Office (Cofrin Library 810). We love to have you on board! Or find out more on PEAC, SLO, Round River Alliance, Eco-Reps, SGA, EMBI and the Cofrin Center on the Sustainability Organizations page.

Stay up-to-date

Did you already find UWGB’s Sustainability page on Facebook? Check it, like it, share it! We keep posting all the good stuff on your favorite topics! Need more background? Our Sustainability blog will keep you informed. See you soon!