Excelsior College Exams

Excelsior College Exams are designed to give individuals an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in various college-level subjects. Most Excelsior College Exams are objective, consisting of multiple-choice questions. Some are entirely essay exams. The Exams cover work typical of undergraduate-level courses. They examine how well one knows facts and terminology, along with how well one can apply essential concepts and skills. Excelsior College Exams are available up to 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, around the country. Several Excelsior College Exams are accepted for credit at UWGB, but these exams are not administered at UWGB.  Contact Excelsior College for additional information: http://www.excelsior.edu

Policies and Procedures 

  1. Excelsior College (a.k.a. Regent's College or ACT-PEP) exam credits will be entered on a student’s UWGB transcript only if the student is currently enrolled as a matriculated student at UWGB. 
  2. Every institution sets its own policies regarding Excelsior College exams. If you think you might transfer to another institution, you should know the policies of both institutions before taking an exam. 
  3. Passing Scores. In order to receive credit at UWGB for any of the Excelsior College Exams accepted by UWGB, you must receive a minimum score of 'B' or higher. 


Excelsior College Exam Equivalencies at UWGB

Updated: (May 29, 2019) 

Excelsior College Exam Name UWGB Course credits
Arts and Sciences Exams
Abnormal Psychology PSYCH 435 3
Anatomy & Physiology  HUM BIOL elective (lower-level) 6
Basic Genetics BIOLOGY 303 3
English Composition  WF 100 3
Intro to Music MUSIC 121 3
Microbiology  BIOL elective (lower-level) 3
Pathophysiology HUM BIOL elective (lower-level) 3
Psychology of Adulthood & Aging  PSYCH 343 3
Statistics  MATH 260 4
World Conflicts Since 1900 POL SCI 100 3
Business Exams
Business Policy & Strategy  BUS ADM 490 3
Production/Ops Management  BUS ADM 384 3
Human Resource Management HRM 362 3
Organizational Behavior MGMT 389 3
Labor Relations BUS ADM elective (upper-level) 3
Nursing Exams (Baccalaureate)
Adult Nursing * NURS 492 3
Community Health Nursing NURS 444 3
Health Restoration I and II * NURS 492 3
Management & Leadership in Nursing NURS 437 4
Maternal & Child Nursing * NURS 492 3
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing * NURS 492 3
Research in Nursing NURS 434 3

* No credit awarded effective Fall Semester 2012.

Note:  Excelsior College Exams were formerly known as Regents College Exams, which were formerly known as ACT-PEP Exams.