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Primary Major

What is a primary major, why I need to select one, and how do i select one.
All majors are connected to a specific degree type (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, etc.). Your primary major determines the type of degree you are on track to earn. For example, a Biology major leads to a Bachelor of Science, an English major leads to a Bachelor of Arts, Accounting leads to a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Students can have more than one major but can earn only one degree at a time. Therefore, If you have more than one major you must designate which is your primary so that after you have completed all the requirements and applied for Graduation, we know which degree to award you. For example, if you have both a Biology and an English major, you can earn either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts, depending on which major you designate as primary.

You can see which degrees are connected to which majors in the Catalog.

You can designate or change your primary major using the Declaration of Major e-form for the program you want to make primary.

If you need to drop a major, you can do so by using the Drop form.