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Late Fees

Late Payment

After the payment deadline (close of business on the due date), an assessment for administrative costs (late fees) will be added to any unpaid account. Starting Fall 2013, late fees will be $7.00 per credit ($84.00 max). To appeal a late payment penalty, please complete the Late Payment Appeal Form and submit it to the Student Billing Office. Please direct all questions regarding late fees to the Bursar's Student Billing Office (SS 1300, 920-465-2224).

Late Add Assessment

If a student petitions for permission to add a course after the add deadline, late add fees of $15 per course will be assessed if the petition is approved. Additional fees may also be due since students will be assessed for all adds and drops after the 100% refund period rather than the net result of those adds and drops. Check fee implications with the Bursar's Student Billing Office, before submitting a Late Add Petition to the Registrar.

Finance Charge

Finance charges at a rate of 12% per year (1.00% per month) or the highest rate permitted under Wisconsin Statute, whichever is lesser, will be assessed on any unpaid amounts from the due date of each such amount (as indicated in SIS) until such principal amount shall be paid in full or sent to collections.

Students in the payment plan on any new Fall or Spring term will have until the Payment Plan due date to make payment in full to avoid monthly finance charges.  Payment Plan due date is 30 days from the new term due date.