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Payment Plan

A payment plan is available for all students who cannot pay their fees in full, or students whose financial aid hasn't arrived by the Term Due Date. Payment plans are available for fall and spring semesters but not summer or January Interim.

  • All charges are due by 4:30 p.m. central time on the 10th class day from the start of a new semester
  • All accounts not paid in full by the term due date will be assessed late fees of $7.00 per credit, with a maximum of $84.00
  • Any account that has not been paid in full by the term due date is considered an extension of credit and will automatically be placed on the Payment Plan
  • The Late Payment due date will be 30 calendar days after the new term due date
  • Finance Charge of 1% per month (12% annual) will be assessed monthly on all unpaid balances after the Late Payment due date
  • Late Payment due dates for each term can be found on the Term Deadline Calendar

Finance Charge

Finance charges at a rate of 12% per year (1.00% per month) or the highest rate permitted under Wisconsin Statute, whichever is lesser, will be assessed on any unpaid amounts from the due date of each such amount (as indicated in SIS) until such principal amount shall be paid in full or sent to collections.

Students in the payment plan on any new Fall or Spring term will have until the Late Payment due date to make payment in full to avoid monthly finance charges.

Returned Checks

Any check (paper or electronic) which is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) or closed account, will be subject to the appropriate fee and penalty obligations in effect. A $20 returned check charge, as allowed by Wisconsin Statutes, will be assessed.

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