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Electronic Billing

UW-Green Bay doesn't send paper bills. Charges for courses—like tuition, fees or late fee penalties—will be posted electronically to each student's account. Below is some basic information about how we handle student billing electronically.

How to use SIS for billing

Navigating Student Billing in SIS walks through how students can locate financial information on their Student Information System (SIS) account. Students can use the Student Information System (SIS) for these billing-related tasks:

Check your email

Student Billing sends email notifications to students regarding fees, payments and due dates. So, if you don't want to miss important information, keep an eye on your UW-Green Bay student email inbox.

Online Payments

UW-Green Bay partners with Nelnet Campus Commerce to handle online transactions. When you complete an online payment, you will receive an email to your student account from Nelnet Campus Commerce. For more about online payments, see payment methods.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid awards post electronically to your student account a few business days before the start of each semester. If there is a surplus after financial aid awards are applied to our student charges, a paper check will be issued to you. If you would rather have this amount deposit electronically, be sure to set up Electronic Refunds.

We're here to Help

Need help? If you have questions about electronic billing, or anything related to student billing, just give us a call at (920) 465-2224 and we'll answer your questions.

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