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Non-Resident Tuition Programs

Not a Resident
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Non-Resident Tuition Programs

The University of Wisconsin Green Bay offers three programs for non-resident students. The Midwest Student Exchange, Minnesota Reciprocity program, and Return to Wisconsin program. Information of who qualifies is detailed below. Check out the cost, with a detailed model of each program and degree time.

Student Types

MSEP States: Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and Ohio

Tuition That's Midwest Nice

Midwest Student Exchange Program

Students who reside in Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and Ohio can participate in the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP). This program gives you a special tuition rate when you pursue your undergraduate and graduate degrees at UW-Green Bay.

St. Croix Crossing bridge connecting Minnesota and Wisconsin

The Tuition's Mutual

A Special In-state price tag, at the state next door.

If you're a Minnesota resident, our states have a tuition reciprocity program. That means our public universities made a mutually beneficial agreement to allow enrolled students access to special tuition rates in the other state. Neat, right? So, if you're enrolled in an eligible program in Minnesota, you might be able to get special tuition rates to attend classes at UW-Green Bay. See if you qualify for reciprocity

Return to Wisconsin

Tuition Legacy

Tuition deal for the non-resident kids and grandkids of our alumni.

If your parent or grandparent (or legal guardian) is a UW-Green Bay graduate and you live outside of Wisconsin, you don't need to pay out-of-state tuition rates to attend UW-Green Bay. The Return to Wisconsin program offers you the following discounted tuition to the eligible non-resident students. Find out more about the Return to Wisconsin program.

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Fill out a short application

Participants will be asked to submit a signed and notarized certification attesting to their relationship to an eligible alumnus.

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Midwest Nice Staff

You are going to have questions along the way. Like, "Do I qualify?" We have your back! Contact admissions with any of your next steps concerns.

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