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Other Fees

Grad Student Taking Undergrad Course OR Undergrad Student Taking Grad Course

The assessment of undergraduate tuition versus graduate tuition should be based upon the level of enrollment, i.e., a student enrolled as a graduate student taking some undergraduate courses shall be assessed graduate level fees for all credits.

Conversely, an undergraduate student taking a graduate level course shall be assessed undergraduate level fees for all credits, as long as the graduate level course is not later used toward a graduate degree.  If these graduate courses are later used toward a graduate degree, the student may be assessed the fee differential at that time.

The student will make this request through the Registrar Office, with a copy to Student Billing.  Additional fee assessment will be calculated and due upon request.

Late Add Assessment

If a student petitions for permission to add a course after the add deadline, late add fees of $15 per course will be assessed if the petition is approved. Additional fees may also be due since students will be assessed for all adds and drops after the 100% refund period rather than the net result of those adds and drops. Check fee implications with the Bursar's Student Billing Office, before submitting a Late Add Petition to the Registrar.

Course Fees

Certain courses require special fees for materials, field trips, equipment rentals, etc. Course fees will be identified in the timetable. In most cases these fees are a non refundable obligation. You may inquire about the refund policies with the department offering the course. The Distance Education Fee of $25 per credit is only refunded during the Add/Drop period of a semester.

Added Credits

In most situations, adding credits will result in additional fee liability. If you add and drop courses during the 100% refund period and those courses have the same credits, are of the same session length, and begin in the same week, you will not have additional fee liability. Always check your SIS account after making changes to your schedule.

Orientation Fee

All new freshmen will be assessed a $212 fee for the GB Orientation program. The fee will cover cost associated with programs such as Registration and Resources (R and R), Summer Connections, Campus Welcome, Orientation, and Major Fair.  See Student Life webpage for more details on new student orientation.

Withdrawal Date From To Refund Percentage
Orientation Fee Refund Schedule
Date of Enrollment Up to 9 days before term start  75%
8 Days prior to term start Through term day 13   40%
Term day 14 Term day 27   25%
Term day 28 End of Term     0%

Transfer Fee

A $60 Transfer Fee will be charged to all students transferring from another college or technical school.  This is a one-time, non-refundable fee that is applied on your first semester charges with any of the UW-Green Bay campus locations.  The fee is non-applicable to UW-Green Bay students transferring to another campus location within UW-Green Bay.

Graduation Fee

The graduation fee is a non-refundable fee.  The fee covers academic record and security related costs including records maintenance, data storage, degree conferral, degree audit operations (contract, maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements), diploma production, student supporting software, and associated mailing costs.  All students must pay the fee whether or not they participate in the ceremony.  Fee is one-time and non-refundable.  All Undergraduate students are charged the one-time $45 fee once they reach 84 earned credits. All Grad students are charged the one-time $45 fee once they reach 15 earned credits. Questions regarding this fee should be addressed to

Wisconsin Placement Tests Fee

All entering freshmen will be assessed a $30 fee for Wisconsin Placement Tests.
NOTEFall 2020 the Wisconsin Placement Test Fee has been suspended as testing is unavailable due to COVID-19.

Students Exceeding 165 Credits

All resident undergraduate students who have accumulated 165 credits (or 30 credits more than required by their degree programs, whichever is greater) will be charged a surcharge, equal to 100 percent of the regular resident tuition, on credits beyond that level. For more information see Tuition Payment for Students Exceeding 165 Degree Credits. The Tuition Surcharge Waiver Form can be found on the Registrar website.

Late Payment

After the payment deadline (close of business on the due date) an assessment for administrative costs (late fees) will be added to any unpaid account. Starting Fall 2013, late fees will be $7.00 per credit ($84.00 max). To appeal a late payment penalty, please complete the Late Payment Appeal Form and submit it to the Student Billing Office. Please direct all questions regarding late fees to the Bursar's Student Billing Office (SS 1300, 920-465-2224).

Returned Checks

Any check (paper or electronic) which is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) or closed account, will be subject to the appropriate fee and penalty obligations in effect. A $20 returned check charge, as allowed by Wisconsin Statute, will be assessed.

Integrated Leadership Studies Students - SEG Fees

Effective with the 2017-2018 academic year, students enrolled in the Integrated Leadership Studies (ILS) program will be charged segregated fees at the 100% rate.

Distance Education Course Fee

To assist students with the current COVID-19 pandemic, for the FALL 2020; JANUARY 2021; and SPRING 2021 terms we have reduced the distance education course fee from $25.00 per credit to $12.50 per credit.  The course fee will be assessed for all distance education courses.

Distance Education courses include Online, Interactive Video, Virtual Classroom, Blended, and Streaming Online capable courses. These funds will be used to (1) cover the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the software that is used to develop and deliver distance education courses; (2) cover the costs of state authorization fees for distance delivery; (3) offset the costs of staffing student support services (e.g. Instructional Design, Help Desk, Library, Advising, Tutoring, etc.) (4) cover the costs associated with purchasing or licensing online library resources; (5) provide specialized training to faculty and teaching academic staff who develop, deliver, and/or support distance education courses; and (6) promote the development of new distance education programs.  A full refund of this fee will only occur during the 100% refund period (add/drop period) of a semester or session.