Change Course Prefix

Academic Action

Change the course prefix for a group of courses (e.g. HUM STUD, ENV SCI, BUS ADM, NURSING, etc.).  These prefixes also are known as “Campus Codes”.

Curricular Requirements

No specific curricular requirements.  However, because changes to prefixes affect previously offered courses and records as well as current and future courses and records, caution must be taken that changed prefixes do not result in disproportionate repercussions.  For this reason, the Registrar’s input and approval is essential.

These changes require the proper alignment of the Curricular Area Codes (CACs) with the new Campus Code.  (For example, the CAC 4970 is associated with the CAC Name “Urban Studies” and the Campus Code “UR RE ST”).

More information on these specifications may be found in the  

Originator of Process

UW-Green Bay Faculty, Dean, or Provost

Approval Process

Proposal submitted to the appropriate executive committee.
Approvals/Recommendations Needed:
A – Approval Needed
R – Recommendation
I – Information Only
A Disciplinary Executive Committee (If disciplinary course)
A Interdisciplinary Executive Committee
A Dean
A Registrar
A Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
I UW System Administration

Approval Process