Establish, Merge, or Discontinue an Academic Unit

Academic Action

Establish, merge, or discontinue an interdisciplinary, disciplinary or other unit following UW-Green Bay and UW System policies and procedures

Curricular Requirements

Not applicable.

Originator of Process

Faculty Members Concerned, Dean, or Provost

Approval Process

Form K – Establish, Merge, or Discontinue an Academic Unit The initiator of the process should consult with the Associate Provost to discuss the appropriate paperwork.
Approvals/Recommendations Needed:
A – Approval Needed
R – Recommendation
I – Information Only
R Faculty Concerned
A Dean(s)
R Registrar
R Academic Affairs Council
R Personnel Council
R University Committee
A Faculty Senate
A Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
A Chancellor
I UW System Administration
I UW System Board of Regents

Approval Process