Modify Admission Requirements

Academic Action

Modify the requirements for admission to the University.

Curricular Requirements

Varies.  May include GPA, test scores (ACT, SAT, etc.), essays, letters of recommendation, etc.

Requirements must align with UW Regent Policy Document 7-3 (formerly 07-1) University of Wisconsin System Freshman Admissions Policy:

Originator of Process

Faculty members, dean(s), the Director of Admissions, or other interested parties involved in student access and success (e.g. Director of Student Success and Engagement).

Approval Process

Modification Proposal Submitted to AVC for Enrollment Services
Approvals/Recommendations Needed:
A – Approval Needed
R – Recommendation
I – Information Only
R Enrollment Services Directors Council
A Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services
R General Education Council
A Academic Affairs Council
A Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
I Chancellor

Approval Process