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Establish a Transfer Guide with a Non-UW Institution

Academic Action

Establish formal recognition of a transfer pathway between a non-UW institution and UW green Bay that will allow a graduate of the institution to transfer into a UW-Green Bay degree program.  In contrast with K.2. Articulation Agreements (below), Transfer Guides outline existing course-to-course transfers rather than establishing articulated block transfers or other academic requirements

Curricular Requirements

Variable depending upon the degree requirements.

Originator of Process

 Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee

Approval Process

Approvals/Recommendations Needed:

A – Approval Needed

R – Recommendation

I – Information Only

RTransfer Services Coordinator
AInitiating Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee

Approval Process

A Chair or Dean interested in creating a Transfer Guide contacts the Transfer Services Coordinator to discuss agreement options (Transfer Guide, Articulation Agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding) and existing course equivalencies.

An Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee, Dean, or Provost prepares a draft proposal. The Transfer Services Coordinator assists the preparers to accurately identify courses that will transfer and how they will transfer.

The proposal is sent back to the Transfer Services Coordinator for review. Revisions may be made and sent back to the Dean for approval.

The Dean reviews the proposal and has the option of approving the proposal, not approving the proposal or requesting changes to the proposal.

If approved, the Dean works with the Transfer Services Coordinator to obtain the appropriate signatures.

The Transfer Services Coordinator informs notifies the Dean, the Program Chair, the Registrar, and the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs that a new Transfer Guide has been established.