Establish a Transfer Guide with a Non-UW Institution

Academic Action

Establish formal recognition of a transfer pathway between a non-UW institution and UW green Bay that will allow a graduate of the institution to transfer into a UW-Green Bay degree program.  In contrast with K.2. Articulation Agreements (below), Transfer Guides outline existing course-to-course transfers rather than establishing articulated block transfers or other academic requirements

Curricular Requirements

Variable depending upon the degree requirements.

Originator of Process

Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee

Approval Process

Approvals/Recommendations Needed:
A – Approval Needed
R – Recommendation
I – Information Only
R Transfer Services Coordinator
A Initiating Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee
A Dean(s)

Approval Process

A Chair or Dean interested in creating a Transfer Guide contacts the Transfer Services Coordinator to discuss agreement options (Transfer Guide, Articulation Agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding) and existing course equivalencies.