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Establish a Memorandum of Understanding

Academic Action

Establish a partnership between two or more institutions that generally does not include any degree program or course transferability components.

Curricular Requirements

No specific requirements.

Originator of Process

 Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee

Approval Process

Approvals/Recommendations Needed:

A – Approval Needed

R – Recommendation

I – Information Only

RTransfer Services Coordinator
AInitiating Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee
RSpecial Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
AProvost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
IUniversities of Wisconsin Administration/ Board of Regents

Approval Process

A Chair, Dean or Provost interested in creating an agreement contacts the Transfer Services Coordinator to discuss agreement options (Transfer Guide, Articulation Agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding) and existing course equivalencies.  If degree program or course transfers are involved, the preparers should be directed to follow the procedures for K.2. Articulation Agreements listed above.

An Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee, Dean, or Provost prepares a proposal following the guidelines established by Universities of Wisconsin and described in Universities of Wisconsin Administrative Policy 140 (formerly ACIS 6.2) Universities of Wisconsin Guidelines For Articulation Agreements Between Universities of Wisconsin Institutions And WTCS Districts

The Dean reviews the proposal and forwards all to the Registrar for review and recommendation.

After review and recommendation or non-recommendation by the Registrar, the Dean has the option of approving the proposal, not approving the proposal or requesting changes to the proposal. When approved by the Dean, the final draft proposal is submitted to the AVC for Policy and Compliance for approval. Revisions may be requested.

When approved by the AVC for Policy and Compliance, the proposal is submitted to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (or designee) for approval.   If not approved, the proposal is returned to the Dean.

The Provost (or designee) reviews the proposal and all recommendations and, if approved, obtains all necessary approval signatures from the institution(s) participating in the agreement.  If not approved, the proposal is returned to the Dean.

Once approved, the Provost (or designee) notifies the Dean, the Program Chair, the Registrar, the Transfer Services Coordinator and the AVC for Policy and Compliance that a new program-to-program agreement has been established.