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Discontinue a Major

Academic Action

No longer offer an existing major.

Curricular Requirements

Not applicable.

Originator of Process

 Interdisciplinary or Disciplinary Executive Committee

Approval Process

 CourseLeaf: Program Admin: Deactivate Program

Approvals/Recommendations Needed:

A – Approval Needed

R – Recommendation

I –  Information Only

AInitiating Interdisciplinary Executive Committee
ROther Interdisciplinary/Disciplinary Executive Committee(s)
AGraduate Academic Affairs Council
AAcademic Affairs Council
AProvost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
AUniversity Committee/Faculty Senate
IUniversities of Wisconsin Administration and Board of Regents

Approval Process

The chair of an Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee prepares a rationale for discontinuing the major and completes the Deactivate Program form in CourseLeaf.

If discontinuing the major impacts units outside the jurisdiction of the initiating Executive Committee, the draft proposal must be reviewed by those Interdisciplinary Unit(s). The chair of the initiating Executive Committee is responsible for sending (electronically) a complete proposal to the chair of the unit(s) impacted. Each unit impacted must respond, in writing, to the request to review the proposal. As the proposal progresses through the approval process, it must include the written documentation from all of the unit(s) consulted.

The proposal may be revised based on the comments received. When a final proposal is approved by the initiating Executive Committee, the proposal and all supporting documentation is forwarded to the dean for review and approval.

The Dean reviews the proposal and supporting documentation. The Dean has the option of approving the proposal, not approving the proposal or requesting changes to the proposal.

Approved proposals and supporting documentation are then routed to the appropriate governance committees. The Academic Affairs Council or the Graduate Academic Affairs Council should be the last governance committee to review the proposal.

  1. General Education Council
    • If the degree is an Associate degree, the GEC may approve the proposal.
    • If the degree is a Bachelor’s degree and involves changes to the institution’s general education requirements, the GEC makes a recommendation on the proposal.
  2. Academic Affairs Council – if the proposal involves a bachelor’s degree, the AAC may approve the proposal.
  3. Graduate Academic Affairs Council – if the proposal involves a master’s degree, the GAAC may approve the proposal.

Following the AAC or GAAC review, an approved proposal is forwarded to the Provost. If not approved by the AAC or GAAC, the proposal is returned to dean.

The Dean is responsible for presenting the proposal to the Faculty Senate. If the Faculty Senate approves the proposal, it is sent to the Provost for review and approval. If not approved by the Faculty Senate, the proposal is returned to the Dean.

The Provost reviews the proposal. If approved, it is forwarded to the Chancellor for final institutional approval. If not approved, the proposal is returned to the Dean.

The proposal and recommendations are reviewed by the Chancellor, who approves or does not approve the proposal and returns the proposal to the Provost.

If approved by the Chancellor, the Provost notifies the Office of the Registrar,the Library, and other University offices that the major will be discontinued and the effective date of the discontinuation. Students who are currently enrolled in the major will be allowed a sufficient amount of time to complete the major requirements.

The Provost (or designee) notifies the UW Associate Vice President for Academic Programs and Educational Innovation (APEI) via the Online Program Planning Form ( that program has been discontinued and the effective date of the change.