Establish a New Major

Academic Action

Establish a disciplinary or interdisciplinary major program of study that is in compliance with UW-Green Bay and UW System policies and procedures.

Curricular Requirements

Minimum of 30 degree credits including 24 at the upper level.

Originator of Process

Interdisciplinary, Disciplinary, or Other Unit Executive Committee

Approval Process

CourseLeaf: Program Admin: Propose New Program
Approvals/Recommendations Needed:
A – Approval Needed
R – Recommendation
A Initiating Faculty Committee
R Other Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee(s)
A Dean(s)
R Registrar
R Library
A Graduate Academic Affairs Council
A Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
A University Committee/Faculty Senate
A Chancellor
R Program Review Committee
A UW System Administration
A UW System Board of Regents

Approval Process