Modify Degree Requirements

Academic Action

Modify less than 30% of the course or non-course requirements of an existing associate, bachelors, master’s, or doctoral degree.

Curricular Requirements

  • Associate Degree: minimum of 60 credits; 15 credits in residence; satisfaction of UW Green Bay general education requirements.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: minimum of 120 degree credits; 30 credits in residence; satisfaction of UW-Green Bay general education and major requirements; minimum of 2.0 cumulative grade-point-average.
  • Master’s Degree: Typically 30-36 credits.
  • Doctoral Degree: Typically 120 credits or 90 credits beyond the Master’s Degree.

Originator of Process

Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee

Approval Process

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A – Approval Needed
R – Recommendation
I – Information Only
A Interdisciplinary Unit Executive Committee
R Other Interdisciplinary Executive Committee(s)
A Dean(s) or Associate Provost
R Registrar
R Library
A or R General Education Council (see Step 4 below)
A Academic Affairs Council or Graduate Academic Affairs Council (see Step 4 below)
A Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
I Chancellor
I UW System Administration and Board of Regents

Approval Process