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Develop a New Course Offering

Academic Action

Develop a new course with a structure and requirements that comply with UW-Green Bay and Faculty Governance policies and procedures.

Curricular Requirements

Variable depending upon type of course

Originator of Process

 UW-Green Bay Faculty

Approval Process

CourseLeaf: Course Admin: Propose New Course

Approvals/Recommendations Needed:

A – Approval Needed

R – Recommendation

I – Information Only

ADisciplinary Executive Committee (if a disciplinary course)
AInterdisciplinary Executive Committee
AGeneral Education Council (if appropriate)
AGraduate Academic Affairs Council
AAcademic Affairs Council
AProvost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Approval Process

A faculty member completes the Propose New Course form in CourseLeaf and submits it to a Disciplinary (go to Step 2) or Interdisciplinary Executive Committee (go to Step 3) for review and action.

The Disciplinary Executive Committee reviews the proposal and may request revisions.  If approved, the proposal is forwarded to the appropriate Interdisciplinary Executive Committee for review and action.

The Interdisciplinary Executive Committee reviews the proposal. If approved, the proposal is forwarded to the appropriate dean’s office for review and action.

The Dean reviews the course proposal and forwards to the Registrar and the Library for review and recommendation.

After review and recommendation or non-recommendation by the Registrar and the Library, the Dean has the option of approving the proposal, not approving the proposal or requesting changes to the proposal. If approved, it is sent to the General Education Council (GEC), the Academic Affairs Council (AAC), or Graduate Academic Affairs Council (GAAC), as appropriate.  (See Steps 6 and 7)

If the course is intended to be a General Education course, it is submitted to the General Education Council (GEC) for review.  If approved, the course is forwarded to the Academic Affairs Council.  If it is not approved, it is returned to the Dean.
If it is not a General Education course, go to Step 7.

If the course is an undergraduate course, it is sent to the Academic Affairs Council (AAC).  If it is a graduate course, it is sent to the Graduate Academic Affairs Council (GAAC).  If approved, the course is sent to the Provost.  If not approved, the course is returned to the Dean.

The Provost (or designee) reviews the proposal and supporting documents.  If approved, the Dean, initiating Executive Committee Chair, Registrar, and Library are notified that a new course has been approved and the effective date of the action.  If not approved, the proposal is returned to the initiating Executive Committee for further development.