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Modify General Education Program

Academic Action

Modify the institution’s General Education Program structure or learning outcomes.

Curricular Requirements

See current Undergraduate Catalog.

Originator of Process

 General Education Council

Approval Process

Registrar – CourseLeaf: Catalog: General Education: Edit Page

Approvals/Recommendations Needed:

A – Approval Needed

R – Recommendation

I – Information Only

RInterdisciplinary Units
AGeneral Education Council
AUniversity Committee
AFaculty Senate
AProvost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
IUniversities of Wisconsin Administration and Board of Regents

Approval Process

Faculty, Deans, the Provost, or the GEC may propose a review or revision of the General Education requirements.  Proposals to revise General Education requirements should take into consideration the University of Wisconsin System Shared Learning Goals for Baccalaureate Students and UWSA Policy 115 Associate Degree Standards.  (Note that the Ethnic Studies requirement was the result of Universities of Wisconsin Design for Diversity initiative (1988-1998).)

The chair of the GEC, in collaboration with the GEC itself, prepares a proposal to modify existing program requirements.  The proposal must include a rationale for the proposed changes.

The proposal must be reviewed by the unit(s) impacted by the changes to the program.  The chair of the General Education Council is responsible for sending (electronically) a complete proposal to the chair of the unit(s) impacted.  As the proposal progresses through the approval process, it must include written documentation from all of the unit(s) consulted.

The proposal may be revised based on the comments received.  The chair of the GEC then forwards the proposal to the Registrar and the Library for review and recommendation.  The GEC then has the option of approving the proposal, not approving the proposal, or requesting changes to the proposal.

When approved by the General Education Council, it is forwarded to the University Committee for action by the Faculty Senate.

The Faculty Senate acts on the proposal and informs the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of the result of the vote.

If the proposal is approved by the Faculty Senate, the Provost (or designee) reviews the proposal and supporting documentation.  If not approved by the Faculty Senate, the proposal is returned to the General Education Council.

The Provost (or designee) has the option of approving the proposal, not approving the proposal, or requesting changes to the proposal. If approved, the Provost notifies the Office of the Registrar that the degree program requirements have been modified and the effective date of the change.

When the revisions to the requirements have been made, the Provost (or designee) notifies all UW institutions and APEI via within 20 working days of substantive revisions to the requirements. The notice should include a link to the webpage where the information is posted.