When planning for college, “how much?” is the question on students' and parents' minds. Tuition and fees are part of the equation when determining “how much,” but indirect expenses such as books, food, housing and parking should be considered.

How much is tuition and fees?

Select the fee schedule of the appropriate term to determine your tuition costs and fees. Rates listed here are for one semester and include segregated fees.

What are segregated fees and why do I have to pay them?

Segregated fees (seg fees) are assessed to all students taking online and/or on campus classes. Seg fees help to cover the charges for services that all students have access to, either on campus (like the University Union, Kress Events Center, etc.), or remotely (like calling the Counseling and Health Center for a recommendation or using the online catalog from the Cofrin Library). More information on seg fees can be seen here.

How much should I plan for books, food, housing, personal expenses and parking?

It varies by student but a general breakdown can be seen here.