Segregated Fees

Segregated Fees are assessed for ALL credits up to a maximum of 12 credits for undergraduate students and a maximum of 9 credits for graduate students. SEG fees are assessed if a student is registered for ANY on-campus and/or online (internet) credits. Segregated fees are not assessed if a student is only registered for “off-campus” courses.

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Segregated Fees Q & A

What are “segregated fees”?

Segregated university fees (SUF) are course charges, in addition to tuition and other instructional fees, for student services, activities, programs and facilities that support the mission of UW-Green Bay.

What are segregated fees used for?

Segregated fees support programs and services that contribute to the overall financial health and well-being of the University.  They provide substantial support for student activities and services such as support for university personnel; costs of contractual services that benefit students; long-term, fixed, financial obligations; ongoing operating costs of university owned or controlled buildings; operations, activities and programs of recognized student organizations; student health services; and some concerts and lectures.

Who can take advantage of segregated fee supported programs and services?

Any student enrolled in at least one on-campus or online course for credit is eligible to access all segregated fee supported programs, services and facilities.

How are segregated fees charged and calculated?

Segregated university fees are included in the cost of taking all on-campus and online courses.  Segregated fees are calculated on a per credit basis and are capped at 12 credits per semester for an individual student. The per/credit segregated fee amount is set at the beginning of each academic year and can be found on the Bursar’s Office webpage.   

What if a student does not want to take advantage of segregated fee supported programs and services?

Segregated fees are included in the cost of taking all campus and online courses.  While not all students take advantage of all segregated fee supported programs and services, charging students on a “cost per use” basis is not feasible.   In one sense, segregated fees are similar to property taxes that are assessed to support our public schools.  Not all property tax payers have children in school, but everyone, directly or indirectly, benefits from a quality, public education system.  In general, segregated fees are used to improve the overall quality of the educational experience for all UW-Green Bay students.