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General Refund Information

A refund occurs when your financial aid exceeds the charges on your account or you have dropped classes within the refund period. Financial aid refunds are generally available on or after the first day of classes unless your aid is late or incomplete.

General Refund Information:

  • Financial Aid will be applied to student accounts electronically the day or two prior to the start of the semester. Any excess aid can be Direct Deposited, or received in the form of a refund check which will be available for pick-up beginning on the first day of classes.

  • If you do not set-up Electronic Refunding, refund checks must be picked up in person at the Cashier Window in Room 1300 of the Student Services Building. YOU MUST PRESENT A PICTURE ID TO RECEIVE YOUR REFUND CHECK.

  • ALL loans, scholarships, grants, or awards, whether public or private, for educational expenses must be disbursed by the Bursar’s Office.  If these checks are sent directly to you, please bring them to the Cashier’s Window SS1300.

  • If your credit load is below or over the full-time plateau (12-18 credits) and you are on the waitlist for any class(s), your refund check will not be available until after the add/drop period.

  • Refunds resulting from personal check payments will be held for 14 business days from the date of the payment. A ten (10) day hold, from the date of the payment, will be put on any refund from e-check payments.

The Student Billing Office can answer questions about Electronic Refunding. Please email or call 920-465-2224.

Be aware of our Refund Policies!

Check the refund schedule before you drop classes.

How do I know if I have a refund?

Your SIS account is a valuable tool. Your personal account not only shows your academic and personal information, but also your financial information. Knowing whether or not you have a refund check is another feature that your SIS account will tell you.

  1. SIS Home Page: Under the Finances section, select the drop-down arrow and click on Account Activity.

  2. Account Activity Page: If you've signed up for Electronic Refunding, these funds will be in your account 2 days after the posted date, otherwise your refund check is available for pick-up in the Bursar's office tone week after posted date.