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Teacher Training Workshop

Our teachers participate in annual teacher training workshops where they learn directly from scientists and enhance their ability to teach watershed science. Teachers develop competency and hands-on practice in lab and field aquatic ecosystem monitoring techniques. The workshops provide a unique opportunity for teachers to work directly with scientists on environmental research and data interpretation.

Teacher Dan Albrent of Ashwaubenon High School feels the program contributes to his professional development: :

“It helps me understand how local chemical and biological processes have a profound effect on our drinking water and our local ecosystem. It is something that students can easily relate to as many have been out on the Fox River or the Bay. It helps me demonstrate local examples for students to visualize their local ecosystem.”

Field visits to local sites of interest are offered to provide teachers with a real-world view of watershed issues. For example, past tours include restoration projects in the Duck Creek Watershed with representatives of the Oneida Nation, storm water and construction site erosion management sites, the Fox River PCB cleanup process, and a large dairy farm.

Most of the teachers have been involved in the design and development of the program since its inception. As the school network has expanded to include new teams, we’ve added new teachers who have received training from experienced teachers, university faculty and agency scientists.

Teacher Dana Lex of West DePere High School had this to say about her involvement:

“Watershed health is a complex topic. The program has been wisely designed to provide the teachers (and subsequently their students) with a rich resource base not only in the equipment and procedures supplied, but especially in the training sessions, guest speakers, community field experiences, and the network of support and expertise that has been built between the teachers and university. Easily it has been the single most influential and enriching experience I've been involved with in my career.”