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2006 Symposium

Lower Fox River | Watershed monitoring program

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Student Watershed Symposium!

The third annual Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program Student Symposium was held March 15, 2006 at UW-Green Bay. In addition to the teachers and students, symposium attendees included representatives from The Nature Conservancy, the Oneida Nation, the WDNR, UW Extension, various Land Conservation Districts, Congressman Mark Green's office, a visiting water supply professional from Peru, State Representative Rob Cowles, and several UWGB students and professors.

The symposium opened with a welcome by UWGB Provost and Vice Chancellor Sue Hammersmith, followed by a project update by Dr. Kevin Fermanich, also of UWGB. Next came the student research presentations, in which students spoke about research topics that they had been investigating over the past monitoring season. During the poster session, students explained their research to those viewing the posters and circulated to see the posters of the other schools and agencies. The final session consisted of break-out sessions for the students. These sessions were: 1) the Cofrin Grants presentations; 2) a quiz bowl; and 3) a GPS skills session. Each high school student attended one session of the Cofrin Grants presentations and one of either the quiz bowl or GPS skills sessions. This year, the LFRWMP student symposium was held jointly with the Cofrin Grants research presentations to give the LFRWMP high school students an opportunity ti view college-level research presentations.

In the quiz bowl session, teams composed of students from multiple schools competed in panel question and answer sessions. The GPS skills session consisted of students performing a geocaching activity on campus using their GPS units.

Tuesday, March 15, 2006 | 8:00-3:30