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2017 Symposium

Lower Fox River | Watershed monitoring program

Students from four Northeast Wisconsin High Schools who are taking part in an ongoing study of the health of the Fox River will share their watershed monitoring results this week with faculty researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay during the University’s 13th Watershed Symposium.

The symposium, taking place on Wednesday, April 27 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Phoenix Room in the University Union, brings together the high school students and UW-Green Bay faculty researchers who partner on monitoring the health of the Fox River basin through the initiative known as the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program.

The program is a collaboration between UW-Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin high schools, with a goal of increasing the amount and quality of long-term watershed data to guide resource management decisions and help predict impacts on the ecosystem. It also is designed to enhance student, teacher and community understanding and stewardship of the watershed.

Among the highlights of the annual event is the opportunity for high schools to share reports on the monitoring project in their local community. Student reports include:

  • “Duck Creek Data Goes International”—Duck Creek Team, Green Bay Southwest High School
  • “Spring Brook Habitat Effects on Animal Life”—Spring Brook Team, Oshkosh North High School
  • “The Effects of Nitrates and Phosphates on Dissolved Oxygen and Biodiversity in a Flowing System”—Apple Creek Team, Appleton North High School
  • “Public Awareness” (video)—Trout Creek Team, Pulaski High School