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2013 Symposium

Lower Fox River | Watershed monitoring program

Welcome to the 10th Annual Student Watershed Symposium!

Each year, the annual Watershed Symposium provides a forum for sharing student research projects from all of the watersheds. The symposium brings together student-teachers teams from the participating schools, program partners, agency representatives, water resources professionals and community members to learn about overall Program activities and research projects, and to exchange ideas and compare data from the various watersheds. Students present findings in oral or poster format from projects about assessing and improving stream health. The symposium provides high school students with a rare opportunity to interact with researchers in water quality fields. The proceedings are also published in the annual report.

The symposium is held in coordination with the Green Innovations Symposium. Please contact program coordinator Annette Pelegrin or 465-5031 for more information or visit the LFRWP website.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013 | 8:00-3:30

8:00 a.m.RegistrationPhoenix Rooms
University Union
8:30 a.m.Lower Fox River Watershed Symposium
 Student Watershed Research Projects
Introductions and Project Overview
Annette Pelegrin, Coordinator Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program, UW – Green Bay

School Presentations

9:45 a.m.Panel Discussion: Water Quality and Agriculture
Moderator: Annette Pelegrin, UW – Green Bay
Panelists: Ryan Stockwell, Agriculture Program Manager for the National Wildlife Federation
Jim Snitgen, Water Resources Supervisor for the Oneida Tribe
10:45 a.m.Break and Student Poster Session
11:30 a.m.

Overview of UW – Green Bay Opportunities

  • Eco-U Water Camp & Biodiversity Camp -

Mona Christensen, Director of UW – Green Bay Camps

  • Environmental Science Degrees – Matthew Dornbush, Professor Natural and Applied Sciences, UW – Green Bay
  • EMBI Certificate – John Arendt, Associate Director Environmental Management and Business Institute
Student Videos
NoonLunch and Student Poster Session
1:00 p.m.Tour: Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy
Located about five miles from Lake Michigan, the Pagel family places a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship by monitoring surface water and groundwater for sediments and nutrients. This practice helps maintain and improve water quality for rivers, lakes and wells.
As part of their efforts to educate non-farm people, Pagels explain how they use one of livestock agriculture's most bountiful byproducts—manure. Once considered waste, Pagels turn nutrient-rich manure into several useful products.
Kewaunee County
3:30 p.m.Return from TourPhoenix Rooms
University Union