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Locations Merger Survey

UW-Green Bay Locations Merger Survey, Spring 2021

In 2018, UW-Green Bay merged with three of the UW Colleges’ campuses (UW-Manitowoc, UW-Marinette and UW-Sheboygan).

In spring of 2021, the Provost’s Office and the Assessment Coordinator decided to survey the faculty and staff on the locations to assess the effectiveness of the merger.

A total of 82 people took the survey, with the percentage of faculty and staff almost equally split. The amount of faculty and staff on the locations totaled 151 at the time of the survey.

The questions were generated from suggestions from the faculty and staff and comprised of six categories: staff issues, faculty issues, student issues, facilities issues, community issues, and budget.

The staff had 15 questions. The faculty had 22. The survey ran through April of 2021. The results were disseminated to the locations’ faculty and staff via multiple virtual meetings in May. The information from those meetings was shared with the Chancellor and Cabinet in May and the Administrative Council in early June. The Provost’s Office is working with the locations’ CEOs on Action Steps.

Staff Questions

Staff QuestionsVery Satisfied/SatisfiedSomewhat/Neither Satisfied
nor Dissatisfied
Dissatisfied/Very Dissatisfied
Level of Support52.62%37.95%15.79%
Inclusion in Area Bus.33.33%33.34%33.33%
PD Opportunities44.83%48.28%6.9%
Parity with GB Colleagues37.93%44.82%17.24%
Expertise Respected55.17%31.04%13.80%
Ideas Valued51.73%31.03%17.24%
Career Progression41.38%34.48%24.14%
Job Security34.48%34.48%31.06%
Staff to fulfill mission3.45%24.14%72.41%
Committee Representation39.28%53.57%7.14%
Location Voice Heard34.48%48.28%17.24%

Faculty Questions

Faculty QuestionsVery Satisfied/SatisfiedSomewhat/Neither Satisfied
nor Dissatisfied
Dissatisfied/Very Dissatisfied
Level of Support, Unit44.42%48.48%9.09%
Level of Support, Dept.43.76%28.13%28.13%
Inclusion in Dept. Bus.38.24%32.35%29.41%
Inclusion in Unit Bus.48.48%33.33%18.18%
Parity with GB Colleagues12.12%36.36%51.51%
Expertise Respected33.33%27.27%39.39%
Ideas Valued28.14%43.76%28.13%
Career Progression23.53%44.12%32.36%
Job Security 15.15%54.5%30.30%
Staff to fulfill GE Dept.15.63%46.88%37.51%
Staff Curricular Dept.12.90%41.93%45.16%
Courses GE needs10.00%40.00%50.00%
Courses Dept. Needs3.45%27.59%68.97%
Input @ Curriculum26.67%43.33%30.00%
PD/Training modalities59.38%34.38%6.25%
PD in general37.51%50.00%12.51%
Faculty Representation51.73%37.93%10.35%
Location Voice Heard25.81%38.71%35.48%

Staff Issues: How well do staff feel supported and empowered to do their jobs effectively?

  • Overall satisfaction with workload, expertise and ideas respected/valued, level of support, onboarding, career progression and pd opportunities.
  • Concerns about scheduling, communication and committee/service representation opportunities.

Faculty Issues: How well do faculty feel supported and empowered to do their jobs effectively?

  • Overall satisfaction with unit and department support, inclusion in unit business, faculty training/pd opportunities and faculty representation.
  • Concerns about scheduling, communication, and resources.

Student Issues: How can we provide students with the tools they need to be successful?

  • Satisfaction with advising, access to information about financial aid and emergency grants, and student safety concerns (above 40%)
  • Concerns about access to materials (64.7%) and food service (77.55%), scheduling (44%), and support services (54.91%)

Community Issues: How have community relationships changed since the merger?

  • Satisfaction with community relationships and partnerships
  • Satisfaction with interactions with local high schools, overall community engagement and overall community profile
  • Concerns about the communities’ understanding of the merger and how that provides opportunities for students.
  • Concerns about marketing specific to the locations.

Facilities: How do our facilities create a sense of community for all?

  • Satisfaction with IT, the library, the Gymnasium and public safety (all above 35%)
  • Concerns about the need for a campus bookstore on each location, food service options for students and the lack of a closure ceremony (aka Graduation) on the locations.

Budget: How do finances affect our ability to do our jobs effectively?

  • Requests for more transparency regarding the budget in relation to how enrollment on the locations affects the overall budget, budgetary decisions in the area/unit/department, and the long-term financial stability of the locations.

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • Increases in staff in every area
  • Increases in support to Students (tutoring, behavioral health, Veterans’ Services, etc.)
  • More clarity and transparency in course scheduling and general communication
  • Prioritizing morale boosters/belonging initiatives on the locations (food service/bookstore/graduation)

Please contact Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier, UW-Green Bay's Assessment Coordinator, with any questions about this survey or the data.