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Programmatic Outcomes

Approved 2021-11-8
Historical Knowledge and Understanding:

  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the significance of racial, ethnic, gender, and other forms of diversity in shaping human experiences and history.
  2. Students will display a breadth of historical knowledge and understanding with one or more chronological or geographical areas of depth.
  3. Students will exhibit an appreciation of how human societies are inextricably connected with local, regional, and global ecosystems.
  4. Students will demonstrate their own understanding of the significance of studying history and of the role of historical perspectives in engaged citizenship.
  5. Students will show awareness of how different approaches to studying history shape how we understand the past.
  6. Students will show an understanding of how power, hierarchies, and social arrangements shape society.
  7. Historical Skills:
  8. Students will display an awareness of both continuity and change over time.
  9. Students will critically evaluate and analyze diverse historical sources (oral, written, visual, and material) and interpretations.
  10. Students will be able to conduct historical research, analyze evidence, and formulate arguments using historical evidence.
  11. Students will communicate clearly and effectively with various audiences using written, oral, and digital means.

Assessment Plan

Curriculum Map

Annual Reports
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