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Environmental Policy and Planning

Programmatic Outcomes

  1. Exhibit an understanding and ability to implement sustainable policies, laws, programs, or other activities as an engaged citizen.
  2. Demonstrate basic knowledge of environmental and natural sciences as they relate to environmental policy, law, and planning.
  3. Express knowledge of the concepts, principles, and theories of environmental policy, law, and planning (PU EN AF-202, 408, 301, 322, 350, and 378).
  4. Engage in ethical decision making and critical thinking in environmental policy and planning (PU EN AF 430).
  5. Communicate clearly and effectively about environmental policy and planning (all courses).
  6. Use technical skills in environmental policy and planning (PU EN AF-301, 378, 322, and other upper-level courses).
  7. Qualify for graduate work in schools of environmental studies, public policy, public affairs, planning, or related fields, or to qualify for entry level professional employment in environmental policy and planning (all courses).
  8. Demonstrate understanding of the qualitative and quantitative methods used to study interactions between humans and the natural environment.
Assessment Plan
Annual Reports
Most Recent Program Review 2014-15