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Programmatic Outcomes

  1. Speak standard German at intermediate-high level as defined by ACTFL.
  2. Read non-technical prose at advanced level as defined by ACTFL.
  3. Comprehend clearly articulated conversations on everyday topics in standard German at the ACTFL advanced level.
  4. Write about non-technical topics at the intermediate-high/advanced ACTFL level.
  5. Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of German cultures.
  6. Have read great works of German literature and have a sense of their place in literary history.
  7. Research literary and cultural topics and report findings.
  8. Obtain skills to help them qualify for professional work in various areas such as teaching, translating and interpreting, positions in business appropriate to students in the languages or be prepared to attend graduate school.
  9. Reflect on the social values of the culture(s) they are studying and be able to draw reasoned comparisons to their own culture on topics important to the culture(s) being studied.

Assessment Plan

Annual Reports

Curriculum Map:
Most Recent Program Review 2016-17